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Covid 19

Training is BACK!!

As of Monday 1st June, training for our modified 2020 Soccer Season will resume at Icely Park!


Please continue to monitor our Facebook page for the most up to date information on everything Season 2020.

Your Coaches and Managers should have contacted all players regarding your teams new scheduled training times and dates, along with guidelines from our Governing Bodies which need to be adhered to help ensure we get our season back underway.

A few things of import can be accessed in the below links:

Updated Training Schedule for all teams can be found HERE

Please remember when attending training, park as close to your allocated training area as possible and enter and leave the field through the gates marked closest to your area on our sight maps below, for your given training day. Please, as parents, remain in your car and allow your child to attend training autonomously. Please do not congregate around the sidelines of the field as this will then mean you are included in the 10 allowable training participants and children would then not be allowed to train in that area. The same is relevant for any seating located around the ground. We want all of those wanting to train to be able to train!

Tuesday Training Teams, find your field positioning HERE

Wednesday Training Teams, find your field positioning HERE

Thursday Training Teams, find your field positioning HERE

Friday Training Teams, find your field positioning HERE

Other important information pertaining to Level 1 return to sport include:

1. Return to Training Guidelines from our Governing Body can be found HERE

2. Return to Play Guidelines from our Governing Body can be found HERE

3. Responding to Football Injury during Covid 19 can be found HERE

4. Covid 19 Safety Plan can be found HERE and HERE

And lastly for all the Coaches and Managers who will need to fill out attendance records, although these will be pre-populated and distributed by us, if for some reason you find yourself without one, an editiable PDF version can be found HERE

Nepean FA is also a great place to find more information on Covid 19 including our Mental Health Resources and how we are all working toward a restart to our season. Please follow the link HERE 

  Please remember when training - Get In, Train, Get Out

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