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In 1967 a group of people put their heads together, with some notion of starting a soccer club, and bringing the sport we all love to the heart of the Hawkesbury!

This vision began life as the Belmont Rangers, which was based at Belmont Park, now St John of God Hospital grounds. This was because some of the local schools at the time would not even entertain the thought of a soccer ball on their sacred grounds.

The original team started with a faded, second-hand red shirt, but this was quickly changed to blue t-shirts with red stripes, as this was all that could be afforded at the time. Club name and colours were changed with the support of the then Richmond Ex-Servicemen’s Club, at a Special General Meeting held 29th March 1969. The Ex-Servicemen’s Club had requested these changes in view of their support. All at the meeting were in favour.

The colours also then evolved, with approval from NDSFA, to blue shirts with three vertical gold stripes on the front, and blue socks with a gold turndown. Over the years different versions of the vertical stripes have been utilised, from pin stripes, to three inch stripes have at some stage been implemented, and in 2012, reverting back to the popularity of all things retro, we also went back to one and a half inch blue vertical stripes on gold jerseys! Keeping our blue socks, with the gold turndown, and adding the word “Richmond” vertically down the sock. The club also found its permanent home at Icely Park.

Not a lot of things change. One titbit of information is that the old house resided in by the first President, Andy Bazjinsky, where quite a few of those very important intial meetings were held in those inaugural years, is in fact still the residence of current President, Paul Boyd! Paul is the longest-serving President of 36 years, and the longest serving member of 42 years.

You could say, it is literally, the house of Richmond Ex-Servicemens Soccer!!

Over the 50 years of Richmond ExSSC, we have witnessed a plethora of local football. The club has been able to stay strong, whilst mixing it with the biggest clubs in the Nepean Association, and further afield, with representation. We have remained whilst watching other clubs come, and sadly go. We have also weathered the storm of neighbouring clubs moving in, or popping up in our backyard, and have still remained solid throughout.

At its capacity in 2001, Richmond fielded 34 teams! This has increased and decreased over the years, from the humble number of 15 teams in 1982. Sadly, we are missing some records from 1971 to 1981. In 2017 we have 24 teams.

Being a club of this size, we have experienced the lion’s share of succes. 1982 saw the clubs first, 1st Division team title, going to the U14/1’s! Coached by Steve Gainsford, managed by Fred Teunis, this team made it to the quarterfinals of Champion of Champions. Two years later, they were comp winners again, made the final of the State Cup and represented in Champion of Champions for a second time. Another team making this prestigious accolade were the U18’s Div 1 in 1992. Coached by Chris Ryan and managed by Jim Hunter.

To date the most successful team was a female team, coached by Paul Boyd and managed by Ray Gabriel. It started in 2004 as U14G1 and ended in 2011 as U22Ladies. This team was comp winners for 7 years - 5 consecutive, and 1 undefeated! They represented in the Champion of Champions 5 times, and made Round Robin and Grand Final appearances no less than 5 times. A fantastic effort by all involved!

We will also have our U12girls Div 1 team going off to Champion of Champions this year!

Some other bits and pieces worth noting over the years are things like requiring lights for All Age training in 1969. These needed to be erected at the players own expense, and the electricity consumed was financed by each player at training contibuting 20c each week.

In 1983 Richmond fielded our first ALL FEMALE team in an ALL MALE comp! The Little Belles U10/7’s were coached by Kris Costa and managed by Faye Costa.
In 1992 we fielded an O30’s team for the first time.

Richmond ExSSC has won the Sid Horley Trophy for best-performing juniors three times, in 2006, 2014 and 2015. The NDSFA’s Referee Trophy in 2013, and the Bill Morris Club Championship Trophy in 2014.

We have nearly 120 members in the 10 year service category, 3 with 30 years service, and 1 member reaching the 40 year category. Life members number 33, and they are listed at the end of this yearbook.

With this rich history, it is no wonder we have survived for 50 years, and are still pumping along, hopefully for another 50!!