Instructions to help participants to register for the upcoming 2019 season!


If you are eligible for an ACTIVE KIDS Voucher, please apply for this first, before completing your registration/s as the voucher number will be required during the completion of the registration process.

Create a Football Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click  on “My Account" 
  3. Select  Create Account – Already have an account? 
  4. Login using your Email  Address and Password
  5. Email Address is the same is the same email address used when you created your Football Account.
  6. Note: Football accounts are separate to FFA numbers, existing AND new Participants will need a Football Account
  7. Retrieving a Password  >> Select Reset Password

Registering to Richmond Ex-Servicemens SC

After setting up and logging into your Football Account

  1. Click on “Where can I Play?”
  2. Select the age group the Participant fits 
  3. Search for a suburb, postcode or a club - Richmond Ex-Servicemens SC - make sure this is your selection, especially if you have played summer comp elsewhere
  4. Select the club
  5. Club Details and Programs are available for Participants
  6. Select  “Start My Registration”
  7. Welcome  to Play Football Online Registration, click on “Get Started”
  8. Select participant you are Registering (myself, Linked Person or New Person) and Continue- Note: New registrants will be linked to the Football Account being used.
  9. Select Club - by typing Richmond Ex-Servicemens SC in the "Club" text box provided
  10. Select Product (example: Junior 9-4 or Coach/Manager)
  11. Product details- add/change, and then click “Continue"·Option  to select additional products ·Select  student discount (if applicable)
  12. Update the Registrants personal and contact details, and then click "Continue"
  13. Profile Photo “Select Profile Image”, Browse from your device, and then click “Continue
  14. International Transfer Clearance – Answer question accordingly to proceed 
  15. Review your order, if you need to modify your product selection or details,select ’Modify’ in the appropriate section to do so

Acknowledging Terms and Conditons

  1. Click on the ‘Check box’ Read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions by selecting Accept All T&C’s displayed and then click “Continue 

Payment Options Screen

  1. Input “Vouchers/Coupons codes”, and click “APPLY” All states excluding NSW will need to speak with their clubs directly regarding redemption of “sports vouchers” This is where you will enter your Active Kids Voucher code, if applicable!
  2. Choose either “Pay Online”, or “Pay Offline” if offered, to complete the payment for your registration. You will receive an invoice to the email address listed on the registrants Registration
  3. Confirmation message, select “finished” or “Perform another Registration”

For a step by step screenshot guide, please click Here