Using your voucher at Richmond Ex-Servicemens -

  • If you have a child eligible for the Active Kids Voucher, apply for the voucher from the 1st January 2019 for the upcoming year and then input your voucher code in the relevant section of the online registration for Richmond Ex-Servicemens SC.
  • Our registrations for the 2019 season open online from the 10th January! 
  • Please ensure that you apply for your Active Kids Voucher PRIOR to registering your child to play soccer with us for the 2019 season, thus ensuring a smooth registration process for all!
  • Remember! Active Kids Vouchers for 2019 are available from 1st January 2019 - there is no need to wait to apply, as we did last year, the system is already set up!
How do I know if my voucher has been redeemed?

You will be able to see the status of your child's voucher in your MyServiceNSW Account. The voucher will show as 'Active' if not used, or 'Redeemed' if provider has applied the discount and been reimbursed.

Can the $100 voucher be split between 2 providers?

No, the voucher can be redeemed with one provider only per calendar year.

If the activity you have chosen is less than $100 you cannot redeem the balance of the voucher.

I did not redeem my voucher last year. Can I redeem 2 vouchers per calendar year?

No, vouchers are valid only the year of application. Expired vouchers will not be accepted.

I've lost my voucher how do I get a replacement?

If the voucher has not been redeemed you can:

  • check online at your MyServiceNSW account and download another copy, or
  • visit a Service NSW service centre and reprint the voucher from the self-service kiosk.
I’m trying to use my voucher and sports clubs are declining it.

A provider cannot accept the voucher if they are not registered and approved for the Active Kids program.

If the provider's membership is at capacity or it is not able to field a team due to insufficient numbers, the provider has the discretion to not accept the vouchers.

Can I get a second voucher for my child?

You can only have one Active Kids voucher per child for each calendar year.

How do I know a voucher is valid?

You can check the validity of the voucher in your MyServiceNSW Account and see if the voucher has already been used or claimed.

What information is on the voucher?

The voucher displays the student/child's name, voucher number, expiry date and value of up to $100.

I registered online using my voucher, how do I know it's been paid?

The online registration should have provided you with a receipt, identifying that the $100 from the voucher was applied.

If this didn't occur, you will need to refer to your sporting organisation. If it did show the voucher was applied, then the sporting club will received the $100 that was discounted from your registration fee.

How long is my voucher valid?

The voucher is valid for one calendar year. An applicant can apply for the program voucher at any time of the year. The voucher is valid for the year of application until 31 December.

What happens if my child is not selected/provided with a place in the team with the chosen provider. Can I use the voucher at another club?

If the provider is not able to field a team due to insufficient numbers, then the parent/carer/guardian will need to discuss options with the provider directly. If the provider has not redeemed the voucher, then the voucher must be returned to the parent/guardian or carer.

What are the options available if my child is injured or changes their mind about participating with the chosen provider?

The parent must discuss membership cancellation with the club directly.

The voucher value cannot be reimbursed as cash nor is can it be transferred to another child.

The voucher cannot be refunded back to the applicant.